The Château de Gourville, Medieval Estate Between Paris and Chartres

Ideally located on National Road 10 which leads from Paris to Chartres, going by the Château de Versailles and the Bergerie Nationale of Rambouillet, the Fortified House of Gourville is a rare medieval landmark built in the 15th century, where austerity and simplicity sharply contrast with the apparent luxurious feel of castles from the 18th century which can still be found in the surrounding areas, including that of Maintenon.

Built during the Hundred Years’ War for high dignitaries of the Chartres clergy, the Gourville Estate is comprised of a Fortified House (name given by the local population following a partial demolition during the Revolution), and of the Prieuré Manor, which has long welcomed pilgrims travelling towards regions in the South West of Europe, such as those on their way to Santiago de Compostela.

Between the land of the Carnutes (the Beauce region) and that of the Parisii (Île-de-France), the grounds of  Gourville, which have stood for more than a 1,000 years, and its château for more than 600 years, have been discreet, even silent witnesses to the local, and sometimes national, history unfolding.

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